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On the trail of the perfect sound

The emergence of the high-end Quantum Signature speaker is a good example of how true innovation finds its way into the market at Magnat. A new product is created first in the heads of the product developers and engineers. Specification of geometries and materials then follows. Magnat produces its own components only if components on the open market do not meet our high standards. Therefore, the company develops its own components such as woofers, tweeters and many other components itself, which are then used exclusively in products of the Magnat brand. In this way, Magnat gets closer and closer to the ideal of perfect sound with high demands, new ideas and no compromise

Sound laboratory work supports the creative ideas

At the beginning of each project, the first forms of the product and thoughts about the combination of parts and materials occur. The competence of our development engineers defines many important parameters even before the initial simulations. The idea begins to take shape more and more. A rough sketch emerges and the laboratory work approaches the first design.

Magnat utilizes complex measuring technology and simulation software during design and development. The laser-assisted Klippel system enables measurements to be conducted in a real-world dynamic range for the first time. The parameters of a speaker are not only determined with low-level signals, but also with variable pulses to simulate real music and vocal tones. In addition to the significantly more accurate reproduction, metrologically verifiable statements about the behavior of a loudspeaker are possible for the first time in a real-world large signal range.  

Listen, listen and listen again

The most important test of all is listening. After the design phase and prior to production release, a listening test is conducted on the prototypes. The listening test is carried out in rooms of various sizes and acoustics with electronics from entry-level devices to the reference class. The reference listening room is mandatory for all Magnat components whether electronics or speakers. The room is acoustically optimized in cooperation with the prestigious acoustic professionals of "W-Vier" and underscores the strict standards that apply to all Magnat products. The demand for the highest levels of quality is present in each component. The decision is ultimately made here whether a product is awarded the Magnat rating, is modified or discarded.