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Product legends

Magnat's success story began in Cologne in 1973. The brand established itself very quickly the following year thanks to the introduction of its highly innovative "Log" speaker series. This "dream start" ensured Magnat saw considerable success within the industry and it enabled the company to lay down a marker on an international scale in terms of innovation.

All of the important milestones in the company's history can be found here and on the following pages. All products with a cult status - in our opinion!


Magnat introduces a truly new development to the market: The super-stable aluminum die cast chassis. The product made an immediate impression in the international speaker scene.


Creation of legends in the 70s: The Magnat All Ribbon 10 is prepared for market introduction and includes extensive proprietary technical developments. The All Ribbon 10 becomes the best-selling speaker in its class.


The audiophile world takes notice: At 14,000 DM/pair, the Magnat MP-X 101 was the first affordable series-production speakers equipped with the massless plasma tweeter - a technological sensation worldwide.


Magnat becomes part of the car audio scene: The Magnat Car 5 becomes the first car audio speaker - complete success. A 2-way component system with external crossover immediately adorns the cars of the 80s.


King of the road: This is the year of origin for one of the most successful car audio amplifier series ever! The Magnat Classic series becomes the companion of many car audio fans - with the Classic 360 model, the company achieves cult status.


All in one: The rear shelves of the 90s significantly influenced by the Magnat Traveller 320. The 3-way triaxial system ensured the right boost in the front in countless cars.