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30 years of Magnat Car Audio

To coincide with the 30th anniversary of its Car Audio division, Magnat is launching its Anniversary 3000 subwoofer tube, which goes by the name "LAUT", and its powerful Anniversary 4000 amplifier, which it has aptly named "STARK". Both products complement each other perfectly for the 2013 car hifi season and are reminiscent of old Magnat times thanks to their incredible volume and power reserves. 


For the past three decades, Magnat's engineers have been hard at work in their lab, near Cologne, on their extensive range of products - always on the lookout for an enhanced bandpass subwoofer or a more stable amplifier. The sustained level of success is just reward for their often meticulous work, which is centered around developing the perfect Car Audio product.

Product Development

It all began 30 years ago with the company's first car hifi speaker, namely the CAR-5, a 2-way component system with separate crossover, whose individual components graced the vehicles of the 1980s mounted in a rectangular wooden board. If you consider the significant achievements in Magnat's product development, its Aggressor 6000 has got to be one product that is held with great esteem in the car hifi community. With its ample dimensions, this built-in subwoofer is one of the most spectacular that Magnat has ever brought to market. Measuring 630 mm in diameter and weighing in at just over 25 kg this unit exhibits an extremely dominant appearance that was virtually untopped for many years, and it proved to be a real eye-catching piece for all exhibitions and events in the industry - and quite rightly so! In addition, the company also played a significant role in shaping the entire Car Audio market with its 3-way triaxial speaker, namely the Traveller 320, and its power amplifier, the Classic 360. Both products have rightly earned their "cult status" and can still be found in use today in some vehicles. 

Show Cars

Besides these unique product developments, the company's image has been largely influenced by its show cars, which are constructed especially for exhibitions and dealer events. From the Hummer to the Porsche GT3 and the brand new Camaro SS, the company has been wholly committed to developing this sector, particularly over the last 10 years. Because There's nothing as beautiful as a perfectly constructed Magnat Car Audio product - especially when installed with so much creativity and attention to detail as it is in Pulheim.